Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lessons in living without.

I'm working on edits of photos from India. Finally.

Just before leaving for India, I contacted a camera repair shop to inquire about a small damage on my camera. I was crushed to discover that the repair would cost me almost as much as I had originally paid for the camera itself. So I decided to go without it.

As a photography-loving woman, I held the photographic documentation of my trip as a high priority. Deciding to not spend money that I did not have on the repair was a decision that I knew would be right, but far from easy. My mother, knowing my predicament, offered to let me use her point-and-shoot instead, which I was surprised by and very grateful for. I knew it would not have the features that I would have liked to have, but it would still, at least, capture images.

A few days into the trip, her camera began malfunctioning on me. (I still, to this day, have no idea why.) I had taken good care of it and the batteries were fine. I knew instantly that I would have to start returning to my original mindset of living without something I loved, but would certainly wake up each morning breathing without. After settling this in my mind, I remember feeling a strong peace wash over me, a reminder that I was still taken care of and thought of by my Creator. I know it may not seem like a big deal to others, but I believe that my Father knows my heart and was doing His best to take care of it through the lesson of letting go and living without.

My dear friend, Kevin (who was part of the group living in Manali for six months) decided to lend me his point-and-shoot camera for the remainder of the trip after hearing about my recurring predicament.

I am truly blessed to have such beautiful, generous hearts placed in my path. I am truly blessed to have the peace of my Father, who provides for and teaches and waits patiently as we are learning what is necessary to grow.

Ironically, when I returned to North Carolina, I had enough money in tax returns to replace my old camera with an upgraded version.

Such is life.

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