Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lessons in greener grass.

I just got off of the phone with a dear friend. She is currently out of the country, following her heart into the great Central American unknown, teaching youth to see the world through the new eyes of a camera lens, filming heart-wrenching film projects in one of the village dumps where many call "home," pulling a kayak out in the afternoon to catch the sunset at dusk and reflect on the day. Doing exactly what she was born into this world to do for this moment.

I am here, inland and in the safe parish walls of a city I never would have imagined my trails would lead me to. Surrounded by familiar language, familiar faces, familiar conversation, the freedom to choose where I buy my groceries, easy internet access, a job that keeps me steady and lets me sit in a room with a piano.

Both decent sounding, eh?

To hear our voices on opposite ends of the phone line, you might think otherwise. Both of us weary of separate challenges, yearnings of the heart not met in our current situations....one longing for the comfort in good, familiar conversation, the other trying desperately to not focus on the urge to pack a bag and be somewhere else in the world.

Both of us are where we need to be. But that pesky, green hue is shining on the other side of the fence and I suppose it takes a conversation of stark contrast to put it all back into perspective.

My friend will have her familiar conversation soon enough. I will have my adventures in time.

Patience. Trust. Obedience. Prayer. Contentment. Discontentment. Living presently. And gratitude.

Tonight, gratitude. Reminders of the Hand that covers me in grace and blessing and love. And the pain and goodness of growth.

Visual gratitude:
Being woken up & dragged out of the house by my brother to see the sunrise. On Thanksgiving Day, 2010.

Everyone and everything used to encourage the pursuit of passions. And willing to learn your songs for free :)

My interesting variety of jobs here in Charlotte that are living proof you can make it as a "full-time musician."

Sweet reminders of my Tennessee home. The people and places that have given me foundation to be who I am becoming.

A kindred spirit, a child that brings joy and light, conversation that brings sanity, laughter and love at local bakeries.

the promise of new adventures :)

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