Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lessons in Solitude: Surface thoughts from an afternoon.


3:32 pm.
As cliche as this is, it never fails: the chubby guy with a cute puppy always gets the attention of the bikini-clad female. Always.

3:55 pm.
No, I'm not trying to look artsy. It's just hard to think of ways to entertain yourself when you've taken a vow of silence for your solitude retreat. Now back to collecting seashells as I wistfully gaze into the endless blue of the ocean whilst reciting poetry in my head...

4:01 pm.
Dude, just because you have dreadlocks and I look bohemian, doesn't mean we'll make a great couple. Or beach hook-up. So look the other way, please.

4:05 pm.
There's a man on a bicycle walking two puppies in front of him. I just heard the "Ben Hur" chariot race theme music in the distance.

4:06 pm.
Can't wait to tell Stephen Morrison that I heard his voice singing, "Nobody knows my name" as I walked around the hostel by myself this morning.

horseshoe crabs.

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