Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Prayers in Solitude: Tea Break & A Lonely Room.

How long will we continue to ignore You, my God? Especially I, though outwardly giving an impression of put-togetherness, inwardly and privately do not run to You as I should.

I worry before I trust. I worry far too long before I trust.

I speak before I bring it to Your feet. I speak far too long before I bring it to Your feet.

I fear before I leap. I take far too many steps in fear before I take bounding leaps of faith.

Even a tiptoe of faith might help, but no. Fear drives me away, holds me shaking - bound to one place rather than into the passionate, unknown of my God, my Mystery, my Love.


Lord, I ask that You quiet my heart in this moment.

Push aside what You will so that I may see You in the ways You reveal Yourself to me.

If I am to go, send me.

If I am to stay, steady my feet.

If I am to speak, give me words.

If I am to be quiet, steady my tongue.

Only You know my heart.


  1. Awesome! How often we try to "fix" things ourselves first and don't turn to God until we've got them royally messed up. If only we'd learn the lesson of trusting Him(or at least asking for his guidance)first, for everything, we might be surprised at how peaceful our lives become. You are wise beyond your years, thanks for sharing your insights with the rest of us.

  2. Thanks for your words :) I need this reminder every day. It's amazing the things that we are taught in silence.