Monday, August 8, 2011

Summertime and the livin' is easy....(debatable)

Here I am.
Sittin' on the front steps of my porch.
Enjoying the sun on my skin.
Watching my strawberry popsicle melt on a plate beside me.
Wigglin' my toes.
I can hear an old 1920s crooner singing on the radio at the auto repair shop next door.

My friends are all at work.
I have a list of things I can do.
I'm not doing any of them.

Wedged between two bushes.
Top step.
Paper and pen.

The need to feel purpose.
The need to know meaning.
The fear of growing apathy.
The fear of the fear of engaging purpose.
Fear of knowing meaning.
Breeds apathy.

Be still.
Get up.


  1. Glad your home and you had time to relax! It was nice meeting you this summer!

  2. Asia! Thanks girl...I loved meeting you too and I'm thankful I got to spend a month in the same town as you :)